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4 3 2: Do I have to read the whole film? decembrie 14, 2007

Posted by Madalina in Barfe, Romania.

Asa, ma uitam azi pe IMDB la comentariile unora privitoare la filmul lui Mungiu 4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile, care a fost nominalizat la Golden Globe.

Un tip era preocupat si intreba apriori daca filmul are multe dialoguri pe care trebuie sa le citeasca. Am impresia ca au dreptate atat cei care sunt obisnuiti cu filmele subtitrate cat si cei obisnuiti cu filmele dublate. Ambele categorii au oroare de modul de vizionare al categoriei celelalte. Eu sustin cu tarie subtitrarile pentru ca au multe avantaje: copiii invata sa scrie corect, invata o limba straina prin auditie, sonorul e cel mai de calitate, vocile sunt mult mai naturale (chiar daca si cele sublate sunt tot de actori) si filmul pare mai autentic.

Iata insa ce crede un tip pe forumul de la: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1032846/board/nest/90357647 , referitor la filmul romanesc de care am scris mai sus. Atasez si niste raspunsuri:

(NOTA: Nu e necesar sa cititi tot)

Do I have to read the whole film?
by Alexandre_DeLarge (Tue Nov 20 2007 14:52:05)

I understand this film is Romanian. It has subtitles. Subtitles doesnt bother me if they are not in every frame of the film. The best exemple I have in mind is Teorema by Pasolini and of course 2001:a space odyssey by Kubrick. These film dont have many dialogs. I can see every image from those film and that is what I like about cinema: IMAGE. I hate to read subtitles in every frame in the whole movie. I go to cinema to see image in big screen, not to read. So can anyone tell me if this film has many subtitles or if it has not many?


Re: Do I have to read the whole film?
by Black_Bond (Wed Nov 21 2007 06:05:22)

I don’t think there’s excessively much dialog in the movie. But I do pity you for your subtitles-reading related problem, you’re missing lots of really good movies. One can get used to read the subtitles fast, if one cares to. Whatever.

Now just where am I supposed to fit in?

Re: Do I have to read the whole film?
by prisacap (Thu Nov 22 2007 03:53:03)

Alexandre I did realize how fast the dialog flows at times and guess what? It was obvious even for me, a Romanian.
I am not sure if I have a simple solution for your problem. If you do own a copy of the movie you can watch it again and the second time around you will be able to focus more on the fabulous acting and less on the subtitle reading. I assure you: it will be worthed!

De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est

Re: Do I have to read the whole film?
by MatrixRunner (Thu Nov 22 2007 16:07:45)

what the *beep* is this type of question?!

Re: Do I have to read the whole film?
by thao 6 days ago (Fri Dec 7 2007 13:47:59)

I understand your problem Alexandre_DeLarge. Many people from America have problem with reading and watching at the same time. I come from Iceland where films are (fortunately) not dubbed (or remade) so we learn from early childhood to read and watch at the same time. I think it comes with practise, so my suggestion is watch more subtitled films and practise watching and reading at the same time.

Re: Do I have to read the whole film?
by bogdi_enache2000 (Sat Dec 1 2007 14:57:56)

silly question. but i’m wondering: what movies CAN you watch without subtitles? definitely not english because your english seems really bad.

Re: Do I have to read the whole film?
by Alexandre_DeLarge 6 days ago (Fri Dec 7 2007 15:21:36)

I’m french. I watch movies in its original version all the time. It’s just I like movies that talks by images and sounds….not by dialog. Recently, I saw a hungarian film called „Taxidermia” by Gyorgy Palfi. That movie is a good exemple of what I mean by a movie that talk by itself. They are no many dialogs, but many shocking and funny images that can be understand without dialogs. Thats cinema for me. Like it was in the silent film area in the 20’s. It was cinema at his best. See those films too and you will understand.



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